Parupu Thogayal powder ( Instant thogayal )

parup thogayal , dal chutney

Paruppu thogayal  powder / spicy lentil chutney  powder. A real life saver for the days when you don’t want to slave  in the kitchen yet do not  want to compromise on taste and nutrition! These chutneys or thogayals  as it is called in Tamil is a great boon that can be made within minutes …. 

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Importance of Maarghazhi month

 google pic Divydarisanam. Significance of The religious month of Maarghazi . “brhtsaam tathaa saamnaam gaayatree chandasaamaham maasaanaam margasheersho-ahamritunaam kusumaakarah” Lord Shri Krishna has described the month of Mrigashirsha as one of his manifestations. The month of Dhanur Maasa or Maarghazi from Dec 16 derives from the star Mrigashirsha and considered as one of the… 

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Methi Rotis using fenugreek seed powder

We often think methi rotis or Rotis made using Fresh fenugreek leaves only , tastes  best. Agreed, there is nothing as tasty and great to look at than fresh tender methi/fenugreek leaves. When ever it is available we prefer to make rotis using fresh leaves. But if  one cannot get it immediately or nearby, then… 

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