Methi Rotis using fenugreek seed powder

We often think methi rotis or Rotis made using Fresh fenugreek leaves only , tastes  best.
Agreed, there is nothing as tasty and great to look at than fresh tender methi/fenugreek leaves. When ever it is available we prefer to make rotis using fresh leaves.

But if  one cannot get it immediately or nearby, then why not use fenugreek seed powder and make delicious soft fluffy chapatis?

The recipe will include other flours , adding fenugreek seed  powder packs a great nutritive value too and so easy to prepare at home.

The advantage of using such flours at home is the multipurpose value.Not only can we make yummy rotis , parathas, but also use this flour to make delcious pakodas, bajjis, and methi dosas too.

This is yet another ready to make powder that can be packed and sent with your family while they travel on short duration abroad to help them make healthy delicious meals in their temporary kitchen.

The question is how to make this fenugreek seed powder? 
Easy.Now days methi powder or fenugreek seed powder is available in all stores , even sprouted methi seed powder is available in all stores here in Chennai .Vegetable store  vendors are also stocking such powders as it highly recommended by doctors for diabetics.

For those abroad, if this powder is not available even in the Indian stores, you can powder it at home in small grinder, sieve it well  to get a fine texture.Mix this powder with other flours to make many dishes.

We find it difficult to have a tsp of methi powder everyday on empty stomach  to solve many of our health problems, but we can easily add some qty in many of the dishes we make and not feel a difference. Also it makes it more tasty to have it in dishes rather than by itself.


1 cup whole wheat flour or multi grain flour 
1/2 cup Fenugreek seed powder
salt as required.
Water to make a soft chapati dough.


Allow dough to rest for 15 minutes, make chapatis or parathas as usual.
You will get great aroma while making this roti at home .
When the hot roti is being roasted with little oil, a delicious aroma is released.

Enjoy nutritive rotis, parathas with any side dish of your choice.

In the pics above I used it to make some mixed veg parathas and below pic shows  as  normal roti .

Medicinal value:

Fenugreek seeds are rich sources of minerals, vitamins,phytonutrients.
100 grams of seeds provide 323 calories.
The seeds contain soluble dietary fibre.
The compounds present in fenugreek help lower LDL- Cholesterol levels by i bile salts re absorption in the colon.
It helps to increase the bulk of the food and augment bowel movements,helps in easy digestion and relieve constipation.
The seeds are used in traditional medicines to make laxatives, digestive and as a remedy  for cough and bronchitis.
If used regularly fenugreek seeds help control cholesterol, triglycerides as well as high blood sugar ( glycemic ) levels in diabetics.


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