Moong dal and Bajra /Pearl millet dosa with cabbage ( weight loss recipe)

One more healthy delicious breakfast option or even a brunch option is this Moong dal, pearl millet ( bajra  millet ) dosa with cabbage.

I used the ingredients which I had already mixed for my instant Pesarattu ( another yummy dal crepe) and combined with bajra flour to give an  amazing soft and delicious adai dosa.

Sprinkling veggies like cabbage will only power it up a notch or two.
This was made at breakfast time and even one of these adai dosa will keep you full till late lunch. I had just on of these with the cabbage added and it kept me so full, I skipped lunch.

Accompanied by equally healthy chutneys like this curry leaves dal chutney with just 2 tbsp of coconut added, or a tomato onion chutney, you feel so comfortable on a lazy week end. Surprisingly though it sounds like a heavy breakfast , it did not keep me lethargic or sleepy , on the other hand I was brisk as ever.

The recipe


1 cup moong dal powder or ground moong dal
2 red chillies
1/2 cup bajra flour/Pearl millet
A big pinch of asafoetida powder
2 tbsp rice flour
curry leaves 
1 cup finely grated cabbage .


If you do not have ready moong dal flour or bajra flour then soak and grind the grains ( 3 hours soaking )
Grind to thick batter .Add red chillies , asafoetida powder and salt while grinding.
( Since I used both flours , I just mixed them , adde salt, curry leaves, grated cabbage, let batter rest for 15 minutes, then I made the adai /dosa.)
Add the grated cabbage to batter, mix well.Add the curry leaves.
Take a skillet, heat it up, grease it well and add one ladle of batter and make a thick adai /dosa like uthappam.
Lower the flame as the adai dosa needs to cook well with grated cabbage inside, add oil on edges, flip over to cook other side.
Remove and serve hot with your favorite accompaniments.


It is better to make with the flours as I did to save time and make a quick healthy breakfast. It is a good idea to stock these flours always in the kitchen for such easy dishes.Needs no planning .

Health benefits  of  Bajra/Pearl millet, Moong dal, Cabbage.

Pearl millet/Bjara is non transgenic and has no gluten. High in omega 3 content , contains protein from 12 % to 15 %.
It is quite high in proteins and and has a good balance of amino acids.Helps in good metabolism.
Among other grains bajra is known to have beter source of iron content.
Also has moderate sources of thiamine ( vitamin B1 ) which helps in blood circulation and good for nervous system.
Millets are a a group of highly variable small seeded grasses widely grown around the world for both humans and as fodder.
They are rich in fibre, protein, which keeps  you feeling full for longer hours, absorb cholesterol and help increase in secretion of bile that emulsifies fats.
Moong  dal or mung bean is also a powerhouse of vitamins A,B,C,E and known to be an excellent source of many minerals such as calcium iron and potassium.
This is a perfect food for reducing weight.Many slimming programmes  recommend switching to mung bean as food replacement as it has low fat content. Rich in protein and fibre, it helps lower cholesterol level s in the blood.
Cabbage is another suggested leafy vegetable for wight reduction .It inhibits conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates to fat.
Cabbage burns more calories to digest than it contains thus helpful in wight reduction.
I also made some plain adai /dosas without adding cabbage and it came out very well.


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