Quick medu vadas using appe pan/paniyaram pan

If you havent invested in this amazing versatile Paniyaram pan/appe pan./Ebelskiver pan, please do so as
we can make so many yummy snacks with very little oil and get away with our cravings…

I have been posting some of the dishes  I frequently make .Out  of sheer laziness I made some Udad dal flour  Medu vadas with bit of an apprehension as  I get these sudden urges to gorge on dahi vadas and sambar vadas , but also feel guilty about frying the vadas.

I do not use udad dal flour to make vadas but wasnt upto grinding a small batch of batter just to satisfy my craving so decided to risk it and it was worth it too.

This is where  the appe pan comes to good use. For making pakodas, bondas, now medu vadas besides the uusualpaniyarams.

Now the simple recipe and the even simpler method.


1 cup udad dal flour
2 tbsp rice flour
salt to taste
1 tsp pepper powder or crushed pepper
1 green chilly
Pinch of asafoetida powder
2 tbsp curd
curry leaves

1 appe pan /paniyaram pan/ebelskiver pan
1 tbsp oil to grease the wells initially.


In a bowl add all the ingredients mentioned to make vada batter  and make a batter which should not be very thick but batter should fall thickly when poured  unlike the regular vada batter which is ground  to thick consistency. .

As the medu vadas made in the appe pan do not get fried, they need to have a little flowy thick batter consistency or else you will get hard vadas.

Make sure to whisk batter well with a spatula or a whisk to make batter very fluffy and light to incorporate more air in the batter.

Heat  a paniyaram pan/appe pan and add drops of oil in each well initially to grease them.
Let the pan heat , then take a ladle of batter and pour in each well. Keep the flame now in medium and lower when it appears to darken, cover with lid
Open the lid after few seconds and turn each vada all over to ensure even cooking.

This vada made in appe pan will take time to cook as we dont fry , so lower and adjust flame from time to time..

Remove and keep on paper towels.

Serve with your favorite accompaniment.

The vadas will turn out with crispy exterior and soft inside, texture perfect like regular vadas though small in size and the hole in vada cannot be made obviously.


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