Gulab Jamuns using home made khoa/mava/khova

Gulab jamuns made easy using home mdade mava khoya

I have previously shared the recipe to make Gulab jamuns with skimmed milk powder/milk powder without using khoa directly. It came out very well.Yet I had this urge to try making the gulab jamuns at home using home made khoa/khova , from scratch. I never realised it could be so easy and quick.

My work was reduced further as I made khoa using my instant khoa making recipe which comes handy when making mava sweets. Do give it a  try.

Which ever method you use, milk powder or khoa made at home there is nothing like home made. After trying this I was wondering why I ever bought those expensive packets with some ingredients that were not necessary for making gulab jamuns..I dont deny they are handy, but when you see how quickly  these jamuns can be made at home from scratch, you will want to keep doing it this way. So use either store bought  khoa/khova or mava made at home by checking my quick method and try this Gulab jamuns at home from scratch. 

Impress your family with your luscious soft melt in the mouth Gulab Jamuns. !

Gulab jamuns using khova/Khoa/Mava

( I used khoa made at home . Check my instant khoa making recipe )

The recipe makes around 21 medium sized gulab jaumns.


4 tbsp  all purpose flour/ maida
1 cup finely crumbled khova

1/4 tsp of baking soda
Pinch of green  cardamom powder
Saffron Strands

To prepare sugar syrup

2 1/2   cups sugar
1 1/4 cup water

Oil for deep frying


In a bowl add the crumbled mava and all purpose flour and baking soda.
Mix well.  Add very little water at a time to make a smooth but firm dough .Use little ghee if need be to make a smooth dough but not tight . Dont knead dough. keep aside for 10 minutes.

In a deep vessel add water and sugar to make sugar syrup , remove scum from sugar water if any. Add the cardamom powder. Let the sugar syrup thicken very lightly. When you dip a ladle in the syrup it should be just about enough to begin to make a thin string but dont make a string  syrup. It should be sticky to touch, remove from flame and let cool for a while. Saffron strands may be added for garnish.

Meanwhile start making small jamun balls and keep oil to heat . When the oil is heated to a medium , drop the jamun balls carefully from sides taking care not to crowd too much in the pan. 

Take a ladle and turn the jamun balls while frying as they tend to stick in the bottom when first dropped in oil for frying.Just roll the jamun balls all over to enable uniform cooking and colour. They will appear to be soft in the oil when frying but dont worry they will become crisp when removed and cooled a bit. You need to take them out as soon as they start darkening .

When almost a deep reddish colour, remove , drain oil In a paper towel. 

Drop these jamuns into the the prepared sugar syrup. The syrup should not be boiling hot when dropping jamuns in them. Let it become slightly warm .Let them remain immersed in syrup for some time. Serve either chilled or warm .

Garnish with pistachio flakes if you like .

Instant mava recipe..if you  wish 

How to make instant mava khoya at home for sweets and desserts using milk khoya

While busy clicking, the jamuns turned a shade darker!

Immerse in the warm syrup.

Instant gulab jamuns using home made khoya

Check the jamuns inside to see moist and absorbed syrup well.

After an hour you will see the jamuns absorbed the syrup and becomes very moist and spongy.


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