Make your own Pongal mix…ready to eat



Ready to cook Pongal mix with all ingredients to be packed after cooling.


In this age of speed and instant foods fascination, almost all of us have been lured by the ready to cook instant products that line the department store shelves in an attractive array  . How many times have we have fallen prey to make such unnecessary purchases of instant ready to make foods that could be made easily at home, as we seem to think it is easy to cut open a packet, and fast cook it saving time.

But have we stopped to wonder at  the ingredients that go into such products, some unnecessary, or the exorbitant price we pay for products, ready mixes which we could easily make at home in bulk.

The greatest advantage of making such ready to cook products, mixes is it can be packed easily and sent with any one travelling from your home to their business trips outside home, the college student who lives in a hostel . These mixes can be easily carried and all you got to do is cut open, cook as per instructions without adding anything extra.

So the college student need not run around to buy ingredients to make his favourite dish just like his mom.
One such recipe that is so versatile, easy, healthy and nutritious is Ven Pongal which is so much like the  khichdi. This makes a great ready to cook food for the breakfast , lunch or even a simple dinner. All you need to have as a side dish is dash of lime pickle, curd, two foods that can be purchased from the store.



2 cups raw rice
1/2 cup Split Green gram/Moong
dal/Paasi Parup
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tbsp dry grated ginger
1/2 tsp pepper corns crushed coarsely
or whole
Pinch of asafoetida powder
10 cashewnuts toasted golden
3 tbsp melted ghee or more. Remember
Pongal tastes best with a little generous tbsp of melted ghee. .
Sprigs of curry leaves to be roasted
till crisp

To prepare the pongal mix

Take a  deep pan ,add the ghee or oil, let it heat
up, add the cumin seeds, grated dry ginger,peppercorns, curry leaves,
cashewnuts. Roast well, remove and keep aside.
In the same pan add more ghee/oil,
add the dal and rice mix together  and on
a low flame roast well till  almost all
the grains are covered with oil or ghee. This is to ensure the ready mix will
stay in good condition and also when the pongal is cooked it will give the perfect
aroma and taste to the finished dish. You may also reduce the oil or ghee while
roasting, but make sure to roast well as this is a dry mix preparation that has
to be stored.


Measure a cup of the pongal mix, add
3 cups water to 1 cup of mix, place in a pressure cooker , add salt to the
pongal before cooking.
Add ghee while serving.

Pongal mix is ready to be stored after cooling well. in a clean air tight container or in a ziploc bag to be sent .










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