Millets and Dal Idlis


I call these Idlis as Millet Idlis as it is the main ingredient, I used Barnyard millets, you can use regular idli rice if you like.

This recipe is inspired by Vahchef with little changes. This is an exttremely healthy way of incorporating all the best nutritious dals in your breakfast and keeps you full for a long time. Even 2 small millet and dal idlis are so filling when had with sambar or any accompaniment. Unlike regular idlis, these idlis are heavier , but soft and grainy too.A different way to have the same breakfast .Packed with fibre, protein, iron and a host of other vital minerals and vitamins, these are very healthy power packed Idlis to start your day.


1 cup millets ( barnyard ) or use 1 cup idli rice
2 tbsp chana dal( bengal gram )
2 tbsp udad dal
( black gram )
2 tbsp toor dal ( split pigeon peas )
1/2 tsp Asafoetida powder.
curry leaves.
salt to taste.
4 red chillies
A pinch of eno salt…avoid it if you can by allowing batter to rest for a while to get the necessary aeration in batter .here in my recipe at the request of a reader i have tried with eno salt , just like we do for dhoklas



Soak the  all the  dals and rice /millets together for at least 4 hours.

Grind to a slightly coarse batter with red chillies, asafoetida powder.
Remove batter, add salt, and add eno salt just before steaming idlis.
Remove batter, after adding eno salt, stir well, to create aeration. Batter will be thick, so dilute with very little water.Grease idli moulds, keep little batter on each mould.

Steam till idlis are done around 10 to 12  minutes.
Remove and serve nutritious healthy idlis with your favorite  accompaniments.





Note on nutrition a profile of Dals

It is  high in carbohydrates whilst being virtually fat-free. It is also rich in the B vitamins thiamine and folic acid, as well as several minerals, notably iron and zinc.

Toor dal

Popular and a preferred dal for daily cooking to add to sambar, rasam and many gravies. It is very light , digestible, with protein, fibre, folic acid essential to prevent anaemia.
it is low in calories and great for those on weight loss.

It also helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Chana dal

Rich in B vitamins , helps to keep you energized. Full of fibre and helps diabetics to control blood sugar levels.It has potassium and folic acid.Chana dal is helpful in lowering cholesterol and prevention of heart disease.

Udad dal

A complete source of proteins., rich in Iron, folate, fibre, potassium and a good source of calcium.Boost energy levels.

Reader pic..
A dear friend Mily Raghupathy shared this pic from her  attempt, and they look  absolutely perfect! Thanks Mily for sharing the pic.



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