Mixed Millets Dosa

The benefits of different types of millets have been discussed many times in this blog and some recipes have been posted too.

In this recipe , I decided to mix some of the millets together to get a dosa batter which gives a very tasty healthy dish.

Every once in a while I prepare such dosas to add more nutrition to our daily tiffin items . This is also a great way to reduce the consumption of white rice.


        1/4 Cup Horsegram /Kollu
        1/4 Cup Foxtail millet/Thinai
        1/4 Cup Little millet/Samai
        1/4 Cup  Kambu / Pearl Millet
        1/4 Cup  Ragi/ Finger millet
        1/4 Cup Jowar/Cholam or big millet
        1/4 Cup Kodo millet /Varagu Arisi
        1/4 Cup Barnyard Millet/Kuthiraivali
1/4 cup udad dal
1/2 Cup Idli Rice
        1/2 tablespoon Menthiyam/Fenugreek seeds
        Salt to taste
        oil for making dosas.


1. In a vessel soak the udad dal, fenugreek seeds/methi for 4 hours
2. In another vessel wash the rice and millets, soak together for the same time.
3. Drain water and first grind udad dal and methi to a smooth foamy batter.
4. Next grind the rice and millets to a slightly coarser batter than the udad dal batter.
5. Mix both batter and keep for overnight fermentation.
6. Next day, add salt, stir batter well, make dosas as you normally do with regular batter.
Serve with chutneys or sambar of your choice.


  1. aarthi says

    Hi…if I just use thinnai saamai kuthirvalli kambu only can u pls tell methe quantity…will it be 1/4 cup only..ty

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