Creamy Tomato cucumber salad

Come summer and I need to prepare a variety of salads using simple easily available vegetable.Here I have used everyday vegetables like tender fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and some sour cream.If you are not particularly fond of sour cream, replace with thick fresh hung curd for a creamy taste.


1 large cucumber , chopped fine
2 small firm tomatoes.chopped fine.
1 small onion chopped fine.
1 tsp chopped green chillies
1 tsp dried dill or any dry herb.
salt to taste.
Pinch of white pepper powder
1/4 cup thick sour cream. Or  fresh thick hung curd) 

Toss all the veggies gently , add the dry powders,salt,   and the sour cream to coat evenly.

Serve chilled.


You can also use finely chopped Jalapenos.

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