Curry leaf and ginger Chutney ( Karuvepillai inji Thogayal )

Curry leaf and ginger chutney, correctly it should be called Thogayal in Tamil.
Chutney is somewhat of a loose consistency adding water etc, where as Thogayal is of a thicker almost pasty consistency though roughly ground.
This particular is something worth trying and very tasty , tad pungent , mildly sweet, and the aroma  of the fresh curry leaves coming through is something to be experienced.
The humble thogayal has the power to uplift even the most sagging spirits, those in  need of a stimulant to whet their appetites, especially  those who are recovering from illness.
Do not for a minute think this is a food for the convalescent, far from it, it is ideal for those who are trying to find some taste in their taste buds. I prepare this thogayal when I want a simple filling but sumptuous and tasty food.
Curryleaf ginger thogayal is to me a great favourite when I want to have just rasam, rice and this thogayal.
This goes very well with Pepper rasam.


2 cups of tightly packed fresh but ripe curry leaves, washed cleaned and patted dry.
4 red dry chillis
2 tbsp finely grated or chopped ginger, (peeled )
1 tbsp white sesame seeds.
1/2 tsp jaggery
1 tbsp udad dal roasted  golden.
A generous pinch of asafoetida
Salt to taste.
1 berry sized tamarind.
2 Tsp oil


In a pan add the oil, let-it become hot, add the udad dal and roast it golden , keep aside.
Next roast the sesame seeds till they pop .Keep aside
Roast the dry chillis and add the curry leaves when the pan is very hot, they will sizzle and you need to dry roast them till they somewhat wilt and appear crackly.
Cool all ingredients.
In the mixie first add the dry ingredients , run the mixie till there is a coarse powder, then add the tamrind, curry leaves and other ingredients, run the mixie, add sprinkles of water to keep the mixie running as it may be sticky after adding the tamrind.
When the texture of the ground paste appears little grainy but ground , you can remove and store in a box in the ridge.
This goes well to mix with rice, add a tsp of sesame oil .Goes very well with rice, rasam and curd rice too.


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    Yum! I've only had thogayal once, but I loved it. Thank you for sharing this recipe…I really want to try it out…IF I can find fresh curry leaf that is.

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