Sabudaana Kheer ( Javarsi Payasam )

Javarsi/sago/Sabudaana  kheer/Payasam is the easiest dessert   to prepare . A very delightful creamy sweet kheer , it requires very little effort.Usually this is prepared during fasts , during Navarathri .


1/2  cup sabudana , tapioca pearls/ javarsi
4 cups thick milk
1/2 cup sugar or as per your choice.
10 almonds blanched.
Almond slivers to garnish
Saffron strands
Pinch of green cardamom powder.


In a deep pan boil the milk, add the saffron strands, let the milk thicken a bit, then add the sabudana pearls to cook, keep stirring, add the chopped almonds , sugar, cardamom powder and when the sabudaana looks shiny and transparent, it is done, the kheer will thicken.
Garnish with almond slivers, serve warm or chilled.


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