Healthy Dosas using kodo millets ….

In a previous post I have given a detailed explanation about the benefits of using millets in our diet everyday.

Surprisingly millets are already known to our elders in the family  and it has taken the younger generation a while to embrace these wonder grains. 
All is not lost ! As more and more recipes using various millets  seem to be  attracting our attention. 
Many are  wondering how to go about using millets in various dishes.
I have simply replaced use of rice in several recipes specially dosas and idlis, the staple of many households in south India. 
We cannot imagine a week going by without having dosas and idlis of some kind. So one o the first few recipes which I  tried out with resounding success was the Kodo millet idli and now the millet dosa. 

1.  3 cups washed cleaned kodo millets ( varagu arisi ) 
2.  1 cup udad dal
3. 1 tsp fenugreek seeds  ( methi ) 
4. 2 or 3 tbsp poha 
Soak all the ingredients either together or millets separately and udad dal and other ingredients together.
Need to soak for minimum 4 hours . 
Grind the udad dal with poha, fenugreek seeds to a smooth batter . Grind the millets to a slightly grainy textured batter and mix the two very well.
Leave to ferment  overnight . You will see the batter will rise as the normal dosa batter.
Add salt . Prepare dosas as usual. 
I was amazed to see the texture and colour of dosas very good and not at all different  from the 
Regular rice and udad dal dosa batter.
I also noticed that the batter gets ground fast as the millets are tiny and grind well. 
These millet dosas are now a regular feature in my house.
Try them and you will agree these dosas are not only  tasty but healthy too. 

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