Quick Coconut Ladoos using condensed milk…..Diwali recipe

One of the ways to make a quick tasty yummy dessert and a sweet for Diwali if you are pressed for time is the Quick instant coconut ladoo using Condensed milk.

This hardly takes your time, just open a can of condensed milk and add the required quantity of coconut powder., keeping the mixture on a low heat till the mixture thickens and comes together in a non sticky mass. Make ladoos by  rolling into soft   balls , sprinkling some green cardamom powder and adding fried cashew nuts and raisins. Roll the ladoo in some desiccated coconut powder reserved for garnish.

Thats it! That is the full  recipe.


1 tin Nestle Milk Maid Sweetened Condensed Milk tin. I did not use the entire contents of the tin, some quantity was left over, so do not tip the entire contents all at once.

100 gms Everyday Dairy milk Whitener 

300 gms unsweetened desiccated coconut ( or Grated Fresh white Coconut, only the whites to be grated carefully.)

1/4 tsp. green cardamom seeds powder

Some strands of saffron soaked in little milk.

1 tbsp. melted ghee

some fried cashew nut bits and fried raisins.

Method :

Heat the 1 tbsp ghee in a deep non stick kadai over a medium-low flame till it melts
Add the freshly grated / coconut or the unsweetened desiccated coconut powder , keeping some desiccated coconut powder aside for rolling the ladoos in it., in ghee and saute them on low flame . Around 3 minutes only.

Add the sweetened condensed milk (MILKMAID) and Dairy Milk Whitener (EVERYDAY) into the nonstick kadhai and mix all the ingredients well.
lower the gas flame flame and keep stirring making sure the contents do not stick to the pan.

Add the green cardamom seeds powder and few strands of saffron, mix well. Add some roasted or fried cashewnuts and raisins sauteed in ghee into the mixture.

Cook the above mixture for 2 to 3 minutes or so till the whole mixture comes together.

Switch off the gas and let the mixture cool down before you roll them into ladoos.

Grease your palms if necessary before rolling small balls of ladoo, actually it wont be needed as we have added ghee in the beginning itself.

Finally roll the small balls of ladoo in some reserved desiccated coconut powder or reserved grated fresh coconut.serve in paper cups .

These yummy coconut balls will remain good for a week in the refrigerator and also by keeping in the refrigerator, they will firm up even more and remain non sticky. Makes a great Diwali gift.


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