Manoharam is a typical South Indian Tambram  snack usually prepared for weddings as seer, Bakshanam which means a certain no of each variety of sweets and savories are to be gifted to the bridegrooms family at the time of the wedding and this is a typical preferred snack as a light crunchy jaggery coated spiral.

Just like the Thenkuzhal, this  is also deep fried and then broken into small pieces and dipped in thick jaggery syrup to be rolled into small crunchy balls. Manoharam from Tirunelveli is very famous and prepared with besan flour and rice flour and much thicker . prepared with  rice flour , udad dal flour combination , or rice flour and moong dal flour …each one has its own taste and flavor .

I will share two popular recipes can choose either of them to find out which is your favorite flavor .

Recipe 1. Rice flour , udad dal  flour and pottukadalai flour combination

8 cups rice flour  ( sieved well )no need to roast

1 cup roasted ground udad dal powder   ( Sieved well )

1 cup roasted fried gram dal  flour  ( pottu kadalai maavu  )

3/4 cup butter

1/2 cup powdered jaggery

6-7 cups sugar

2 cups cashew nuts ( optional )

1/4 cup Coconut pieces (thenga pal) –

3 tbsp  dried ginger powder

Method of preparing remains the same .

The pic above is the first recipe .

Recipe . 2 .  Rice flour , moong dal flour combination .. ( .this is discussed below  )

Ingredients :

2 cups Rice flour
1 cup Moong dal flour
1/4 tsp Salt

1 1/2 tbsp butter
1 cup Jaggery (grated)
Oil for frying


1. Sieve all powdered flours well
2.Dry roast the moong dal flour  til it becomes golden and aromatic.
3 Take a bowl, add  all the flours, salt,butter  and before adding the water, mix the flours well and rub the butter in the flours and they will resemble coarse grains.with very little water at a time, prepare the dough for Manoharam.
4. Take the manoharam / thenkuzhal press, grease inside with oil, place a smooth ball of dough , press into hot oil .

Deep fry the smooth coils in oil, turning well on both  the sides.

Drain well in a colander. Allow to cool .

The cooled coils will be broken to  bits.

To prepare the jaggery  syrup,   heat the powdered  jaggery in   about 1 cup of water  or enough o cover jaggery, in a heavy bottomed pan. When the jaggery is completely melted, strain to remove the impurities.
Thicken the strained syrup to a sticky consistency, which means they will form a ball when dropped in water to test.
To check the right consistency, take a small bowl of water and drop  a bit of the jaggery syrup,  you should be able to make small ball in the water , it if it remains in shape, it means your syrup is of correct consistency.
Let it simmer for some more time if it keeps dissolving in the water.
When the jaggery is melted to the right consistency, mix all the broken pieces of thenkuzhal in the syrup to coat well.
Maoharam pic below and detailed steps shown  is made with recipe no . 2


Test a drop in water to see if it can become a ball and holds well . should not be too thick or firm ball .




Manoharam is ready to be served. But serve after it is completely cooled.
The thenkuzhal  will then be mixed in thick jaggery syrup, when cooled  and can be rolled into balls.  It can also be mixed with jaggery syrup and allowed to cool without making into balls.
Manoharam a Diwali recipe prepared in Tamilnadu and usually served as wedding seer bakshanams
Tasty manoharam  is ready. Usually served rolled into small balls.

in the pic below i used a lighter jaggery so the colour is mild, a combination of sugar and jaggery is also used traditionally in the recipe .

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Another popular recipe for Manoharam is the Thirunelveli style using besan / chick pea flour and rice flour ..i have posted a video about the same , you can try this method too …infact it is our favourite  way of making manoharam with besan and rice flour .

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