Cashew Almond Barfi/Fudge…Diwali Recipe.

As  am going full throttle on the rush to  post as many Diwali recipes as possible after trying in my kitchen, am doing away with the mandatory!! story telling, silly anecdotes, childhood blabberings etc.

We Food bloggers have this  tendency to slip into a nostalgia sometimes threatening to become a great sway down the memory lane trying to recollect when their moms or grandmas made their favorite dishes, am curbing the urge to do the same and zeroing in on this recipe. Maybe I will slip in the memory notes a little later .But this awesome simple recipe drew my attention from  that talented blogger Chitra here.

This  is the simplest sweet yet very delectable you can whip up for the family even on the eve of Diwali.

Totally no sweat, fuss free is what I would like to call this  amazing sweet.

The recipe can be modified to reduce the sweetness and also the use of ghee or melted butter is so minimal , just enough to grease the tin and just a tad bit for the whole mass to come away from the pan in which it is stirred in a non greasy manner. A non stick pan is recommended for good results as it will not stick, and the mixture can slide out onto the greased plate .


1/2 cup cashewnuts

1/2 cup almonds

1 to 2 tbsp milk  ( to be used while grinding both cahewnuts and almonds) .

Equal amount of sugar  to cashew and almond paste after grinding.

A pinch of green cardamom powder

1/2  tbsp ghee  while stirring the paste with sugar

1/2 tbsp for greasing the tin in which you will spread the mixture for barfi


Soak cashews & badam in hot water for 20 minutes.

Peel the almonds .Grind to a smooth paste both  cashewnuts and almonds .Use the milk very sparingly to grind.

Grease a   tin  and keep it ready.

Take the ground paste and for equal measurement of the paste take equal quantity of sugar. and stir both together in a hard non stick pan preferably.Keep stirring the mixture together and ad a tbsp or less of the ghee while stirring.

Within few minutes you will observe the whole mass coming together into a lump  , non sticky mixture. Add the cardamom powder and quickly transfer the mixture to the greased tin and smooth en the top quickly.

Garnish with almond slivers, and strands of saffron.

Make the marks to cut into pieces later.

To smoothen the top, use a plastic sheet and then use a rolling pin lightly to get a smooth top while it is still warm.

This burfi will be fairly soft unlike Mysore paak where the sugar  is melted to a string consistency.

Thats it!!


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