Ridge gourd chutney ( peerkangai chutney )

Breakfast is invariably idlis , dosas, pongal, and various varieties of these in different avataars, but along with these comes the perennial dilemma of every kitchen queen, should you have coconut chutney every other day ? , and so difficult to conjure up some different types of side dishes for these tiffins, sometimes a nightmare too when the family turns away from the usual sambar, coconut chutney and also the molgai podi. That is when and also otherwise these vegetable based chutneys come to the rescue in a tasty healthy way.

The only problem is we may not have this vegetable at times so we cannot avoid preparing coconut chutney in some different versions, but I have always made a habit of stocking some of these popular veggies in my fridge which is specifically used for these tasty chutneys.Like the green tomatoes, capsicum, Chow Chow etc some popular veggie chutneys.

Why do we simply turn to break a coconut every other day when we can easily serve this delicious chutney is beyond fathom.!


Ridge gourd chutney ( Peerkangai chutney )

2 big ridge gourds, peeled and chopped finely
6 green chillis depending on how hot you want.
1 small marble size tamrind
2 small onions chopped finely
Sprigs of curry leaves.
Pinch of asafoetida
Pinch of turmeric powder
Salt to taste
2 tsp of oil

For tempering

½ tsp mustard seeds
½ tsp split udad dal


In a pan , put some oil and when heated, add the chopped
ridge gourd pieces, chopped onions, pinch of turmeric powder ,some sprigs of
curry leaves ( optional ), green chillies, tamrind and sauté them well till
they all turn very soft and  onions  turn translucent.
Switch off the gas and let this cool.
When cooled grind all the sautéed ingredients in a mixie along
with  salt and grind to a paste.
Remove and keep in a bowl. Pour the tempering on the chutney.
This chutney tastes very good and goes well with idlis,
dosas and pongal. This  can be mixed with
plain rice and had as it is with a papad even if you have no other dide dishes.

Some variations

Some people make this chutney more like a thogayal which is
prepared by roasting  1 tbsp of udad dal
till golden and adding it to the other ingredients to be ground. Some add  a
tbsp of coconut too.

Adding onions to the chutney is also optional. 

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