Spicy Peanuts ( Masala peanuts)

Once in a while I succumb to these tasty , spicy snacks and once you start munching on them there’s no stropping you.

The spicy batter coated peanuts, deep fried( sinfully yes) is a rare treat in my kitchen as Iam not comfortable with such fried snacks .

Those rare times are pure indulgence and this happens when the clouds get grey and with rains threatening or the sudden downpour signals that these snacks are a must with your daily evening cuppa.

This is such a ridiculous post entirely as Iam sure many are aware of preparing this snack in  a jiffy , but for those very young  and new to kitchen , this might help.


1 cup fresh peanuts. 
2 tbsp gram flour ( besan)
2 tsp rice flour
pinch of asafoetida
1 tsp kashmiri chilli powder
Finely minced garlic cloves  ( Optional )
Pinch of mango powder or chaat masala
Salt to taste
Pinch of cooking soda
Oil for deep frying.


In a large bowl, keep the peanuts, add all the ingredients except oil, and mix well before adding water.
Take some water and sprinkle on the peanut mixture and  mix well, just enough to damp the peanuts and coat well with the wet batter.
Make sure not to pour water, you just need to sprinkle some water and keep mixing well till you get a clump like mixture but well coated with the batter.
Heat the oil, and then drop the batter coated peanut mixture little by little so that they dont fall in one clump, keep separating them in oil with a fork .
As the peanuts get fried quickly, keep a medium flame and remove when they appear browned lightly.
Drain on paper towels and store in air tight container when cooled.
These make a great starter for parties and a anytime crunch munchies really.


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