Misal Paav ( Popular Maharashtrian snack)

Mumbai street food , misal paav

Misal Paav,   a great finger licking feel good dish, lunch , snack  call it by any name. Paav Bhaaji, Bhel puris, chaats, Paani puris, sev batata puris and so many other myriad combinations of street foods continue to enthrall everyone in Mumbai and Maharashtra but Misal Paav is the signature dish and most quintessentially… 

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Onion , Tomato chutney for Idlis and dosa

Another family favourite is this onion, tomato chutney which is so versatile and has many uses apart from being a side dish for idlis and dosas.Sometimes this chutney is also used to mix with left over white rice and eaten as a spiced rice with papads. This is a good spread for sandwiches too. Ingredients:… 

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