Apple carrot ginger smoothie


1.1 small apple .
2. A small piece of ginger.
3. 1 small carrot peeled and chopped fine.


Blend all the ingredients to get a thick smoothie.You can sweeten the smoothie either by adding some berries like cranberries,apricots or dates while blending to get a sweeter taste.
But it tastes good as it is. Just one glass of this rich smoothie keeps you charged till lunch time.
You can do so many combinations everyday with different fruits and veggies combined.Add mint if you like a minty taste.


  1. Jayashree says

    With your permission, one suggested variation. Pressure cook peeled and chopped carrot slices in milk. Cool and blend in mixie the carrots, sufficient milk and sugar. Stir in powdered cardamom and serve as it is or after chilling. It is wonderful in taste and smells heavenly. I used to have it in my childhood and even now I wish to drink it everyday 🙂

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